New European Mobilities at times of crisis: Emigration Aspirations and Practices of Young Greek Adults 
The researchers
  Manolis Pratsinakis 

is a Marie Curie IF postdoctoral fellow at the University of Macedonia, Greece and the elect Onassis Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford, studying the new crisis-driven Greek emigration. He was previously a visiting fellow at the School of Global Studies, University of Sussex (2016) and earlier he worked as a lecturer in Sociology at the University of Amsterdam (2012-2015). His academic interests broadly concern the study of migration and nationalism. He has done research and published on migration and the crisis, brain drain, everyday nationhood, immigrant-native relations, the development of immigrants' intimate social networks and ethnic boundaries and categorization. Manolis has studied Geography and Sociology (with honors) and completed his PhD in 2013 in Anthropology. His MA studies were supported by a Huygens scholarship from Nuffic and his PhD research by a postgraduate IKY scholarship.
  Lois Labrianidis (supervisor)

is Secretary General for Strategic and Private Investments Greek Ministry of Economy, Development & Tourism and Professor in the Department of Economics, University of Macedonia Greece and head of the Regional Development and Planning Research Unit.
He is an economic geographer (BA – Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, MA -Sussex, Ph.D. -LSE) and has done research and published on topics such as industrial location, the spatial aspects of subcontracting, the economic implications of educational infrastructure on their locality, development of rural areas, rural entrepreneurship, delocalization of economic activities, international migration.
His scholarly publications include 12 books: (1993) Provincial universities in Greece (in Greek);  (2001) Albanian immigrants in Thessaloniki (co-authored) (in Greek);  (2001) Economic geography (in Greek);  (2004) (editor) The future of Europe’s Rural Periphery (in English); (2008) (editor) The Moving Frontier: The Changing Geography of Production in Labour Intensive Industries (in English);  (2008) (co-editor) Cities on the Verge: Thessaloniki in a Process of Change (in Greek).  (2011) Investing in leaving: The Greek case of international migration of professionals (in Greek) and (2016) (co-editor) Spatial Development and Human capabilities  (in Greek).